St. Andrew’s Society Alex Moir Memorial Scholarship

The St. Andrew’s Society was established with the objective of providing support and assistance to Scotsmen in need. It is a Society created by Scots, and has evolved over the years to remain true to its roots and continues to offer support and assistance to many worthwhile charities and people of Scottish descent.

The Alex Moir Memorial Scholarship works within the spirit of that original objective to help students with an affinity for Scotland to realize their ambitions by furthering their education and reaching their true potentials. This was very close to the heart of Past St. Andrew’s President, Alex Moir.

The Alex Moir Memorial Scholarship was established in 2007. A past president and life long member of the Society, Alex had a youthful spirit and was very much connected to the trials and tribulations facing the younger generation. With that spirit in mind, this scholarship was created to honor his memory by his wife, Ernestine.

The application, official high school or college transcript and letters of recommendation must be received by the Society by April 1 of each year. Start planning early to take advantage of this benefit!

Scholarship Guidelines & Application

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