In 2021, the President of the Society appointed a By-Laws Committee to review and recommend changes to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Society. The report of the Committee and the proposed changes can only be seen by members who have signed in.

This is just an extract of the By-Laws



St. Andrew’s Society of Oakland, California

Established May 3rd, 1878, Incorporated 1897


Name and Seal

The name of the Society shall be the St. Andrew’s Society of Oakland, California. Its Seal shall be the “Arms of Scotland” with the motto of the Society surrounding.



Section 1. The objects of this Society shall be primarily to render needful assistance to the poor and distressed; to procure employment for the unemployed; to ameliorate the general condition of our membership, socially and mentally; and finally to alleviate suffering and distress in all its forms so far as this Society may extend its benevolence.

Section 2. Those to whom the benevolence and aid of the Society may be extended and given must be members of the Society, or such persons as may be eligible for membership; or to distressed persons of Scottish birth, or to the wives, widows, children and grandchildren of the above.



Section 1. All people of Scottish ancestry and those who have interest and pride in Scottish culture, heritage and activities shall be eligible to membership in the Society.

Section 2. Application for membership shall be made in writing on a form provided by the Society, and the application shall be endorsed by at least one member in good standing. Every application for membership shall contain the following information: (a) Full name; (b) Occupation; (c) Address; (d) Birthplace. If the applicant shall not be a native of Scotland, then he must set forth, in addition to above, the reasons for his eligibility to membership. Applications shall be laid before and read at first regular meeting after receipt of same, then turned over to the Membership Committee for investigation and report. Should the report be favorable, the candidate shall be balloted for at the next following regular meeting. Three black balls shall exclude any candidate from membership. After election, the Secretary shall notify, in writing, each newly elected member of his election. Each member shall, within 30 days after receiving notice of his election, make a payment to the Secretary on account of dues. Failing to do so within 60 days, his election shall be declared void.

Section 3. Any person eligible to membership may become a life member on payment of $250.00. He shall become exempt from payment of all regular dues, but shall retain all the rights and privileges of a regular member.

Section 4. Honorary membership may be conferred, by a two thirds vote of the members present at any regular meeting, upon individuals in consideration of eminent character, or for services in honor of Scotland and her institutions, or for services rendered to the Society; providing that the President or a member of the Board of Trustees shall give notice at a prior meeting of intention to confer such honorary membership. Honorary members shall not be liable for the payment of dues, nor shall they be entitled to vote or to hold office, but shall enjoy all other privileges of the Society.

Section 5. Members in good standing, who are 65 years of age, or older, and have faithfully paid their annual dues for twenty five (25) years or more, will be exempt from further payment of all regular dues, yet still retain all the rights and privileges of a regular member.

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