In 2021, the President of the Society appointed a By-Laws Committee to review and recommend changes to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Society. The full By-Laws can be seen by members who have signed in. Click link to the right.

This is just an extract of the By-Laws




St. Andrew’s Society of The East Bay, California

Originally established in Oakland in 1878

Incorporated May 3rd 1897

           Document Version – Updated Sept 2022- rev2



Name and Seal


The name of the Society shall be the St. Andrew’s Society of The East Bay. Supporting the name shall be the tagline; Originally established in Oakland in 1878. Its seal shall be the “Arms of Scotland” with the motto of the Society surrounding.




Section 1. The objects of this Society shall be to extend its benevolence through supporting various charities or individuals. Support can be financial or social and in order to alleviate suffering and distress in all its forms.

Sec. 2. Charities that are proposed to benefit from the benevolence of the society will be agreed at a regular meeting by a majority vote of the members present thereat.


Sec. 3. Individuals whom the benevolence and aid of the Society may be extended and given must be members of the Society, or such persons as may be eligible for membership; or to distressed persons of Scottish birth, or to the wives, widows, children and grandchildren of the above.





Section 1. All people of Scottish ancestry and those who have interest and pride in Scottish culture, heritage and activities shall be eligible for membership  in the Society.

Sec. 2. Application for membership may be made by completing the application form at the following URL:

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