All people of Scottish ancestry and those who have interest and pride in Scottish culture, heritage and activities are eligible for membership in the St. Andrews Society of Oakland.

To become a member of the Society you must submit this application and a member of the board will communicate next steps in the process. If you have any questions please contact us and we would love to answer them.

    Applicant Info

    Applicant Statement

    I hereby apply for membership in the St. Andrew’s Society of Oakland. I attest that I am an individual of good moral character and good standing in my community and that I support the object of the Society to assist the poor and distressed as exemplified by the Patron Saint of Scotland and the Society, St Andrew. Further, I attest that I support the efforts of the Society to preserve, promote and propagate all aspects of Scottish heritage, including Celtic arts, history and sciences.

    I give permission for photographs and/or video recordings of myself, my family members, and my guests to be used for publicity or in publications or presentations relating to the Society and its programs. I also give the Society permission to use the photographs to create an online and physical scrapbook.

    I agree that the Society may include my name, address and contact information on a Members List, available only to Members.No, please include only my name on the Member List

    I submit this application on June 25, 2024.

    If you prefer, you can download and fill out the Member Application Form using the link below, and either bring it to a member meeting or mail it with check to:

    St Andrew’s Society of Oakland
    4300 Black Avenue P.O. Box 189
    Pleasanton, CA 94566

    Membership Application Form